The History of Resound Church
Founding Pastors: Luke and Alissa Reid

 Resound Church Started in 2011 in Ps Luke and Alissa Reid’s Living Room in Portland, Oregon.  What Started as Just 7 Faith-filled Families is now a Global Movement for Jesus! Resound may be found in Orange County, Los Angeles; Denver, Colorado; Sydney, Australia and Park City, Netherlands.   Resound is not just a family of Churches, but a Church planting movement. Resound believes in the power of starting new faith communities as God leads us and we have faith to see many more campuses birthed.  

We often get asked “why start a new Church , aren’t there enough already? That is a really important question, and the answer comes down to your theology or ideology. While there are people who do not know Jesus, there will always be room for new Churches. Each Church is different, and the methods employed to reach communities may be different. A new Church might be the catalyst for people connecting with God for the first time.  

Another question we get asked a lot is “Why are you different, what are your distinctives?” The answer to that is not a reflection or criticism of other churches, but simply reflective of the culture we feel called to create. We believe that there is a hunger for people to be taught the word of God. Our lead communicators have spent more than 50 years between them learning how to not only teach the word of God but how to do so in compelling and engaging ways. There does not need to be a compromise in the message to engage the listener. We will always provide interesting and compelling messages centred in the word of God; Church shouldn’t be boring. We are blessed to have world class communicators in our churches.

We also place a high value on community. We often say people before programs. Have you ever felt like a number? Have you ever felt like the only interest in you is to give and serve? We are intentionally breaking that culture. While giving and serving is important and part of our Church experience, we value relationship as the starting point. You will discover a high value of relationship building and connection. If you’re looking for a family, Resound may be your home.    

You may be brand new, or have been coming for a while, we look forward to seeing you and connecting. We also invite you to connect with us through our contact page.