Our Purposes
Four Purposes at Resound Church

As the local church, we have a mission to seek and save the lost.

This is modeled after Jesus own pursuit of the unsaved and the parable of the lost sheep.

At Resound Church we live out our purpose through four key areas:

Worship God, Empower Others, Build Community, Live on Mission. 

Through these purposes we advance God’s Kingdom, making transformational life change in Jesus mighty name, impacting the generations.


At ResoundChurch we seek to live out the greatest commandment of loving God.  In all our endeavors, we aim to Seek the Kingdom above all else. 

The first step in the faith journey is to encounter God. As we understand the majesty of His Love, it is revealed that we are a reflection of Him and made in His image.  We are made to Love Him. 

His promises are eternal, his covenants unbreakable and his Love unceasing.

There is hope in Loving God. Eternal and transformational hope that changes your life and the generations to come!


As believers we have access to the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead.  We have the Holy Spirit inside of us, can do miracles in Jesus name!

One of our core purposes is to empower believers to grow in their spiritual relationship and their maturity.

Through active discipleship, our Circle groups, our teachings, through prayer, and through God’s word, we want to grow God’s Kingdom and to empower His children to do more amazing works in His name!  


We’ve been designed to be in community.  If you’re looking for your tribe, come and join us on Sundays, or in a Circle, or at a class, or an event, a work project, a Welcome Home Lunch or for coffee.  

ResoundChurch is a church that believes that all are welcome. No matter where you are in your faith journey, whether you are skeptical and checking out faith, or wanting a place for you and your family to plug into, we know that we are better together!


At ResoundChurch we believe that we have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We follow the great commission to go and make disciples in Jesus name!  

We don’t want to be the best church in the city. . .we want to be the best church FOR THE CITY! 

How doe we live this out? Love Our City work projects, generous giving to support local, national and international missions, and by constantly seeking to reach those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus (yet!).

We’d love to serve alongside you!