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Dealing with Anxiety Alongside a Pandemic Outbreak

The world around us is rapidly changing, and there are so many things that we could fear.  As we face pandemics like the coronavirus (COVID-19), or even the threat of terrorism and school shootings, we want to partner with you to help your kids to place their hope and faith in Jesus. We want to partner with you to tackle anxiety in Jesus name.


It’s important to remember that kids can be facing a number of very common reactions:

  • Anxiety/excessive fears or worries
  • Hyper-vigilance or over preoccupation about health or body
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Social isolation or withdrawal

There are a few key ways you can help with your kids’ worries (and maybe even tackle your own too)!

  • Know the facts
  • Reinforce that your children’s fears are valid
  • Reduce their media exposure (including social)
  • Talk to them about how their “normal” is changing
  • Don’t isolate yourself or them – stay connected to friends and loved ones
  • Worship and Prayer

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