Together, Investing Into Eternity

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2. During Service

Each weekend during our church services we take an offering.  Grab a nearby envelope and drop it in the bucket.

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Keep checking back for more information on our forthcoming mobile apps, and the shortcodes for our text to give feature.


Why We Give


At ResoundChurch we exist to connect people to Jesus and each other! It is our mission to reach more people in more places.  As a global church planting movement we believe that God has a heart for His local church, and this is still the most effective way to fill up heaven!


Your faithful giving and obedience to God’s calling helps us to fulfill this mission!


There is only one area of the bible where God says to test him. And this is tithing. The tithe is the biblical principle of giving our first fruits to God via the local church.


God also says that he loves a cheerful giver.  We believe that giving is done not just out of obedience to God’s direction, but that we worship the Lord by giving our tithe.


We also know that God can abundantly multiply our gift, and can do more with our gift that we could ourselves.

Beyond our tithe is the offering.  For some of you, you are called to give above your tithe.


We give so that God may multiply the advancement of His Kingdom through the cheerful obedience of our tithe and the generosity of our offering.